Indonesian International Students, Briliant A Prabowo, Won the National Science Council Grant Student Paper

Asia University, Taiwan “Semiconductor International special class” second-year graduate students, Indonesian international students 畢利恩 (Briliant Adhi Prabowo) recently received the National Science Council, November 22, will fly to Bali, Indonesia, to participate in the TENCON 2011 International Conferences sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). University of published papers on behalf of Asia, the Asia University “forward-looking power electronics laboratory,” said Professor Gene Sheu, director, this is the first international student in Asia University was awarded the National Science Council grant student papers to go abroad, outstanding, very rare.

Professor Gene Sheu, said 畢利恩 (Briliant Adhi Prabowo) research paper: “Self-Consistent Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of AlN Passivation Effect on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs”, is the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the most advanced electric vehicle technology; This is an advantage computer-aided technology simulation software (TCAD), and the analytical solution calculated using the method to study the material as aluminum nitride, AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility in the crystal structure of aluminum gallium nitride passivation layer on the resulting effect, the paper mentioned this aluminum nitride passivation layer, can effectively reduce the lattice temperature when the device operation, dispersed operations and the surface of the heat generated by components of the enhanced mechanical properties. The study found that aluminum nitride with passivation layer does not cover more of the components, aluminum nitride passivation layer covering the components of its drain current to increase by 30 percent.

“I was so happy”, Briliant said. He is listed as “Semiconductor International Program” who learns for more than 1 year through the research laboratories of the “virtual manufacturing”. He is so pleased to be under the guidance of Professor Gene Sheu to accomplish the paper which is finnaly granted 16.000 dollars funding from NSC.

Briliant pointed out that Asia University is an eligible university which provides such an excellent conducive learning environments, advanced elaborative laboratory instrument, adopted software in which all of them just leave back all the conventional text books reading methods. Here, academics and industrial aspects were combined well in a whole packaged. In addition, we also have the solid research team.” he added. He was so impressed to be here, thus, he also noted that he is going to miss this place one day since after graduation, he plans to involved more in microelectronics research.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering sponsored International Symposium 2011 IEEE TENCON, November 22 in Bali, Indonesia, held in Indonesia in addition to published papers arrived Briliant as International Students, Department of Information Engineering, Asia University, Assistant Professor Jung-Ruey Tsai also published two papers: “P-type multi-loop linear top surface of the electric field to reduce the lateral diffusion of new 800V MOS transistor ESD robustness enhancement of development”, “65-nm technology using P-type ring and under the shallow trench isolation to reduce the surface area electric field transverse diffusion MOS transistor design.”

Department of Information Engineering, Asia University, Assistant Professor Shao-ming Yang also went to Japan last November to participate in 2010 IEEE TENCON Fukuoka International Symposium published three papers: “The new structure of high pressure 800 volt components, can achieve a very low resistance and high breakdown voltage “,” 800 volts in the high pressure components, the design of high-voltage device characteristics of metal connections will not make worse “and” high pressure power components and three-dimensional structure of the layout of the development of simulation research “, famous overseas.

Professor Gene Sheu, said that Taiwan Semiconductor is the world’s first production, but the lack of talent, the laboratory of “virtual manufacturing” technology, which uses computer simulation software test as a bridge from theory with semiconductor manufacturing, thus reducing the development cycle and costs, attracting more than 20 in Indonesia and India to the international elite students, “Semiconductor International special class” schools, and students study together with Taiwan, and published papers in international journals. “Semiconductor International special class” graduate students to enter the electronics maker to work, went to Germany, and Tsinghua University to continue to PhD.

original Chinese version ** translated by Google Translate


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