2011, March 12th

Last Saturday was the day I had been waiting for so long. Guess what? International College, Asia University offered a trip to Sun Moon Lake especially for new students. Thus, I woke up early and prepared all the things I might need on that lovely Saturday. Ann, our nice IC staff had waited in front of the bus and kept checking all the students. When all people already got on the bus, we left for Sun Moon Lake. I did enjoy all the scenery along the road. Sitting next to Briliant, sharing laughter with all of friends in the bus were pretty good warming-up in the beginning of the trip. After a bit climbing, we arrived there. Wow, I was still keeping my great curiosity about the place called Sun Moon Lake.

As I stepped out the bus, the fresh air was breezing right on my face. It was a little cold, but nice. I took a deep breath and put my sight all around. We met the guide who led the tour and explained every single thing about the lake. He brought us to the building next to the lake. Even it was foggy, I could see a very big lake  embraced  by mountains. For God’s sake, it was truly awesome. As the wind blew, I saw how clean the water was. It reminds me to a mountainous sketch or picture hung on many houses living room’s wall, but still, this one is real.

Based on our tour-guide, we knew that Sun Moon Lake surrounds a tiny island called Lalu Island, The eastern part of Lalu is round like the Sun, and in the western part is shaped like crescent moon, hence the name became Sun Moon Lake.

We next moved on by walking down a small lane. Not only attracting the people walking, this place is quite good for those who loves biking, therefore, we met a lots of bikers during our hiking. The lane is close to the lake edge. It was so fun to see many turtles swimming on the lake. We then stooped by a lake shore, took several photos and took a rest while waiting for the bus.

With a very short move by bus, we got to another part of Sun Moon Lake. Actually, we got closer to the whole lake. On the way to the lake, we could stopped by to sit under the umbrella to see the yachts. Furthermore, I found a wish tree also around there and put my wish on the tree.

Here, the view was more clearly seen because the sunlight drove the fog out. The water is very beautiful, it was hit by the sunlight and glittering like crystals.  Not only that, many beautiful flowers spread on a small floating garden made this place more excellent. This part was very crowded by either local or foreign tourists. The place was full of restaurants and resorts.  Furthermore we saw a lot of motorboats. After took a look a while, many friends were sailing with the motorboats. However, I was a bit sick of floating on the water, thus I decided not to go with them even I knew It would be supposed to be amazing to sail around the lake. I, Rezka, Briliant, Ali and Marsha then went to Seven Eleven to have some more lunch after a box of  bread. When all friends had shown up at 1.20 pm, Ann took us to the cable car station.

Cable car! As we have imagined, It is a kind of  car   using rail cars that are hauled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed in a particular height. The long queue was worth waiting comparing to the adrenalin rose when we got in the car. Watching the Sun Moon Lake from up above was so extremely thrilling but again, It was completely hilarious. I swear I really wanted to stay in the car longer.

Next destination would be watching the Taiwanese origin dance performance. I love dancing a lot, thus I really interested to see the original Taiwanese dance myself. As the dancers came up, I enjoyed it. The costumes were fabulous! Even it was explained in Chinese, I could confidently guess  that the dance described the ancient Taiwanese life. They used rice pestle during the dance moved following the music rhythm, their movements were very compact and pretty. The most interesting part was when they asked the audiences to dance together. I guessed they wanted to show their friendliness to the people.

After the show, Ann gave us some free time to explore the market around there. There are many kind of foods in the food stalls. All the foods smelled good and so tempted our appetite. I chose the food which I didn’t have any idea to name it, but it was a kind of fried mushroom wrapped by special doughs. Only with one bite, I thanked God I had ever tasted the greatest food after this whole journey. Moreover, I and Briliant sat down on a chair near the pier. Once more I said it in my heart, what a lovely and peaceful place Sun Moon Lake was.

Time was up! At 6 p.m, the bus headed back to school. However the excitement hadn’t been over yet! During the way back, we had a karaoke time. Many friends took turns to sing, and me as well. It was so amusing after the whole exhausted journey. Unnoticed, we already got back in front of the school. Thanks to IC for giving us the chance to see a very great Sun Moon Lake. Thanks also to Ann who always be patient and never stops helping us. Can’t wait for the next trips!

written by lovely wife “Agnes Purwidyantri”


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